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For many years, we’ve been living in a world run by bankers, bureaucrats and accountants who have pushed a technocratic agenda of globalization, centralization and unlimited immigration that has improved life for poor countries, and for rich people in rich countries, but which has undermined the economic security and social stability of working people in the west.

The effect has probably been starker in America than anywhere else. But it was almost totally missed by the establishment. They failed to see that policies which they viewed as being ‘cosmopolitan’ and ‘progressive’ were actually causing real hardship in parts of the country they rarely, if ever, visited.

Instead of understanding, empathizing and trying to do something about it, politicians and, vitally, most of the American media simply dismissed any opposition as prejudice.

That’s why so many Trump supporters ended up quietly resolving to vote for the insurgent candidate they saw as their champion, but refusing to tell friends, colleagues -- or pollsters! -- that they were in his camp. Who needs the abuse?

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